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AV Credenza Mini

Elegant Huddle Room Storage For Video Meeting Gear


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Color — Green
Today every meeting space, even small meeting spaces, needs a high quality video meeting system. Mass-deployment of modern video meeting hardware while maintaining a beautiful work environment, your project schedule, and your project budget can be more than challenging. With Heckler AV Credenza Mini you can mass-deploy the latest video meeting gear to all of your small meeting spaces with style and ease.

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Mini AV Credenza Black Grey Mini AV Conference Room Credenza - Off White
Designed and Made in Arizona
Durable Finish
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A little more room for small gear.

Even the latest, fully-integrated video meeting systems generate a small mess of cables, power supplies, power strips, and adapters. You could “hide” all of this behind the display, but life is too short for that nonsense. AV Credenza Mini gives you just the right amount of storage space.

A little more color.

With all eyes on your AV Credenza Mini, it had better look amazing. Wrapped in beautiful Maharam fabric in a variety of colors, AV Credenza Minis can complement and enhance your carefully designed interiors.

A little access to power & data.

Cut the electricians, drywall installers, and painters from your project’s budget. AV Credenza Mini is designed to align with pre-existing power and data outlets. This creates the “integrated look” without all of the, well, integration.

A little less time on-site.

“I love spending my days standing in small meeting rooms managing cables!” said no one ever. AV Credenza Mini enables you to meticulously mount devices and cable-manage dozens of systems, off-site, atop your favorite benchtop. Perfect when preparing for large deployments.

A little more organized.

The body of AV Credenza Mini features a special hole pattern that allows for ample cool airflow while enabling easy Velcro-strapping of small components and cable management before, or after, you’ve wall-mounted your credenza. In addition, VESA 100 holes enable traditional mounting of compute NUCs.

A little more camera security.

Every AV Credenza Mini ships with two special camera brackets for rigidly mounting Logitech Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and the Audio Bar and Smart Camera for Google Meet Series One Room Kit. Other cameras and appliances can simply stand atop Credenza Mini’s top surface.

A little less end-user access.

End-users. Gotta love 'em. But their willingness to troubleshoot and improve our AV builds generally does more harm than good. So we’ve added a locking feature to remind them what department they work within.

In the box.

Heckler AV Credenza Mini
Mounting Bracket for Google Meet Series One Audio Bar
Mounting Bracket for Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini
Assembly Hardware
Mounting Template

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User Guide
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  • Heckler SKU

    H891-BG Black Grey
    H891-OW Off White
    H891-GN Green
    H891-BL Blue
    H891-HY Honey


    Powdercoated Aluminum
    Maharam Polyester Fabric

  • Product Dimensions

    25 x23.25 x 3.74 inches
    635 x 590 x 95 mm

    Product Weight

    14 lbs / 6.4 kg

    Shipping Dimensions

    27.5 x 26.1 x 5 inches
    700 x 663 x 127 mm

    Shipping Weight

    16 lbs / 7.3 kg

  • Compatibility

    Logitech Rally Bar
    Logitech Rally Bar Mini
    Google Series One Smart Audio Bar
    Logitech Rally Camera and other common PTZ cameras


    2 years