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Secure Installation & Cable Management


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Meet PivotTack, the ultimate security accessory for your Windfall. Designed for more permanent installations in your home or business, this accessory requires a small hole to be drilled in your countertop or table. The result gives you a clean, secure, and functional mounting system. Let PivotTack’s groove guide your device’s charging cable through your countertop or table. Complete the accessory with a 1/4″ shank padlock beneath the surface, and your Windfall and power cable aren’t going anywhere without you knowing.

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PivotTack | Made in AZ
PivotTack | Made in Arizona
PivotTack | Made in Arizona
Designed and Made in Arizona
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Compatible with iPad Point of Sale & Secure Stands .

Install WindFall Stand to your countertop and route its power cable out-of-sight with PivotTack (available add-on accessory). Drill a 1/2 inch diameter hole in your countertop to add security, cable management, and swiveling capabilities. Use the included cotter pin to keep your Stand from leaving your countertop, or add even more security with a hidden padlock.

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