Replacement Screws & Key for WindFall Stand & Frame

For WindFall Enclosures

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SKU: T226

Screws and assembly keys go missing. We understand. This kit includes all you need in order to replace missing tools and screws to your WindFall Stand or Frame. Note: As this product includes security features, we may contact you to confirm your original purchase of a WindFall product. Please have a picture of your product available.

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These are easy to lose, so have a set handy!
5 Stars

These are specialized security Torx screws - made of high quality metal - that can't be turned with standard Torx screwdrivers but only with the included hex key. If you move or dismantle your Windfall stand, you're likely going to lose the screws at some point - best to have one or two of these sets in your toolbox just in case.