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One click for a secure workplace. The Kensington NanoSaver™ Keyed Laptop Lock offers uncompromised security for select WindFall products built with the Kensington Nano Security Slot. The lock head is only 10mm in diameter and still meets the industry-leading testing standards for tamper-resistance, reliability and durability that only Kensington can provide. NanoSaver combines a cable made from superior materials with a tamper-proof, disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock. Cable is 5 feet long, 5 mm thick, and carbon strengthened for extra protection.

User Guide

Pivot & Rotate Cable.

Fully rotating cable creates greater freedom of movement, eliminating awkward angles and allowing you to insert your key with complete ease.

Compatible with iPad Point of Sale & Secure Stands.

Secure your iPad Point of Sale & Secure Stands with industry-standard security accessories from Kensington. WindFall Stand is compatible with both Kensington NanoSaver™ Cable Lock and ClickSafe® Cable Lock (available add ons).

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Kensington NanoSaver™ Keyed Laptop Lock

Kensington NanoSaver™ Key


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