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McDelivery Center is currently out of production.

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Wall Mount for McDelivery 3PO Tablets

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Designed & Made In Arizona

Durable Finish

Steel Construction

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"We love the McDelivery Center. It keeps everything organized. We just ordered 8 of them."

Jessica - New England Coop


"We are very pleased with the new McDelivery Center. It was easy to install and organized our three delivery tablets. Now our restaurant teams are able to view all delivery orders in one centralized place."

Operator/NYM Coop

On the wall. Out of the way.

Your counter top space is precious. McDelivery Center moves your delivery tablets to wall and makes them look great as well.

Convenient power cable routing.

We know your power outlets could be in any direction relative to McDelivery Center. So we made it easy to route the power cable up or down, left or right.

Tool-less assembly.

Each tablet face plate holds to the wall bracket with strong magnets, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Quick and painless installation.

We know you have better things to do than installing tablets to your walls - so we made it fast and easy. We've included the screws and wall anchors to mount the main wall bracket. Thereafter, your tablets install without tools.

Configure two-by-two or all in one row.

Install two McDelivery Centers side-by-side to place all of your delivery screens at one convenient height.

In the box

Wall bracket (fits two delivery service tablets)

Uber Eats frame

DoorDash frame

Plastic wall anchors


Anker Multi-port USB Wall Charger


Heckler SKU


Compatible Apps

Uber Eats



Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

20.6 x 10.1 x 2.8 inches

522 x 256 x 69 mm

Product Weight

8 lbs / 3.7 kg

Shipping Dimensions

22 x 12 x 5 inches

559 x 305 x 127 mm

Shipping Weight

9 lbs / 4.1 kg


2 years

Power Adapter

Anker Multi-Port USB Wall Charger

Input: AC 100-240V

Output: 5V / 8A (total)