Logitech MeetUp Bracket

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Bring full-room sound and wide-angle video conferencing to small offices and huddle rooms with Logitech MeetUp Bracket. Logitech MeetUp Bracket allows you to securely mount your Logitech MeetUp directly to Heckler AV Cart, while maintaining a clean aesthetic and keeping cables managed.

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Create Modern Telepresence Experiences

Make meetings personal again with Logitech MeetUp Bracket, Heckler AV Cart (sold separately), and Logitech MeetUp (not included). Whether you're meeting across a building or across an ocean, you can wheel Heckler AV Cart right up to the edge of the table to meet face-to-face.


Above or Below

No matter your display size or room orientation, MeetUp Bracket can be mounted above or below to give you the best camera angle.


Out-of-Sight Security

Secure hardware allows for worry-free installation. Logitech MeetUp Bracket mounts your MeetUp with tamper-resistant security screws that hide behind the device, and help damper out vibration from movement and sound.


Integrated Cable Management

Keeping cables clean and organized is easy with MeetUp Kit and Heckler AV Cart. Route MeetUp’s power and display cords through the integrated slot in MeetUp Bracket, wrangle the cords with the zip tie mounts, and route them down the vertical arms of Heckler AV Cart.

In The Box

  • Logitech MeetUp mounting bracket
  • Zip ties
  • Assembly tool
  • Assembly screws


Instruction Guide (PDF) Product Sheet (PDF)



Outer Dimensions

Width: 13.25 inches

Depth: 2 inches

Height: 5.05 inches

Weight 1.15 lbs
Materials Powder Coated Steel
Compatible Devices

Logitech MeetUp

Features & Dimensions

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