Eyeline Camera Mount

Mount small video meeting cameras at eyeline between two displays

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Positioning your conferencing camera at eyeline between two displays the simplest way to create great, telepresence-like video meetings. This special mount can be used on walls and with dual-display Heckler AV Carts, enabling creative new collaboration systems.

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Designed & Made In Arizona

Fingerprint-Resistant & Scratch-Resistant Powdercoat Finish

Commercial-Grade Steel Construction

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Your eyeline, our focus.

You no longer need to compromise on your camera and display positions. With Eyeline Camera Mount you can squeeze your favorite camera between two displays at an ideal height to create a tele-presence-like experience that feels nature to local and remote participants. This also means you can position both displays at the perfect height - no more craning your neck.

Wish you were here.

Combine Eyeline Camera Mount with a dual-display Heckler AV Cart to create a wide-screen portal to classrooms, production floors, and family. By putting this experience on wheels, the entire organization can share this vital resource.


Compatible with your favorite small camera, including Huddly Go, Huddly IQ, Logitech BRIO, Jabra Panacast, AVer CAM340, and many more.


Eyeline Camera Mount has a universal 1/4"-20 mounting position.

Easy Install.

Install to drywall in seconds with the included drywall anchor. If you want to feed the cable through the wall, Eyeline Camera mount supports cable pass-thru and will obscure the hole in the wall.

Adjustable length.

Position the back of your camera directly in front of your displays, allowing your camera's USB cable to immediately tuck out of site between the two displays.

Sleek look.

People will look right at your camera mounts - so your camera mounts should look good. Eyeline Camera Mount looks great installed between or beside your displays.

AV Cart Compatible.

By installing your camera to either the upper or lower Dual Display bar, you can create an eyeline experience for seated or standing meetings anywhere within your organization.

In the box

  • Eyeline Camera Mount
  • Drywall anchor
  • Assembly tools


Product Dimension

2.5 x 2.5 x 4.1 inches

64 x 64 x 104 mm

Shipping Dimension

3.0 x 3.0x 5.0 inches

76 x 76 x 127 mm

Shipping Weight

1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg


Powdercoated Steel



2 years

Compatible Devices

Huddly IQ

Huddly GO

Logitech BRIO

AVer CAM 340

Jabra PanaCast


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