For Our Dealers

For Our Dealers

Help Us Protect The World From Boring Hardware

We love our dealers! As a Heckler Design Authorized Dealers you will enjoy healthy margins and a constantly refreshed line-up of gorgeous hardware. Your customers will love their Heckler Design products and will return to you to buy more. If you are not interested in gimmicks, if you’re passionate about the work you do, if you are committed to provide excellent hardware to your customers, we’d love for you to become a Heckler Design Authorized Dealer.

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Authorized Dealer Price List

We've moved to a new, live Authorized Dealer Price List! Existing dealers, please check your inbox for a link to the live Heckler Design Authorized Dealer Price List. Bookmark the sheet for an always-up-to-date list with the latest SKUs, pricing, and product info.


Authorized Dealer Badges

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