Cliff Display Riser & Desk Organizer

Keep Your Workspace Clean & Organized

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A clean desk results in focused work. Cliff is designed to improve any desk to be ergonomic and clutter-free. Featuring two sliding drawers, Cliff presents your office tools when you need them, then stashes them out-of-sight when you don’t. Cliff is also a platform for your desktop display, raising your display to a more ergonomic position.

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Perfect When Paired With Notebooks

Not only does Cliff raise your display to an ergonomic height, but it perfectly aligns your notebook's screen to your external display - creating the ideal dual-screen setup.


Cords Never Looked So Good

Hide a pile of cords and power cables within Cliff's enclosed center. Neatly bring your desktop cables forward using Cliff's front hole. When you're away from your desk, tuck those messy cords back.


Put Your Desk Tools Within Reach

Pens, small speakers, external storage drives, mice, you name it - Cliff's drawers are designed to hold your office supplies for easy access. The drawers slide freely around your desk so you can place them exactly where you want.


Effortless Clean Up

When the work day is done, Cliff's drawers quickly tuck away - ready for a fresh start tomorrow.


Cords Managed From All Sides

Cliff features convenient openings to tame your monitor's cables into a neatly organized bunch. Run a Kensington Clicksafe Cable Lock (sold separately) through Cliff to your monitor to secure the two to your desk top.

In The Box

  • Cliff top shell
  • Two Cliff sliding drawers


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Width: 15.8 inches

Depth: 9.8 inches

Height: 3.4 inches

Weight 11 lbs
Materials Powder Coated Steel

Features & Dimensions

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