Opening Doors With Creativity

by Heckler Design

You might say creativity is put into motion at this Utah-based video production agency. Big Door is a collective of creatives ranging from film school grads to musicians all working together to masterfully produce product launch videos and commercials for startups and early stage companies.

“We believe in creative people and the creative process,” said Benton Paul, CEO of Big Door. “We are driven by the fact that film is a symphony of creative people from writers, actors, cinematographers, designers, and musicians. This is what drove us to video in the first place and it’s what continues to drive us moving forward.”

And that creativity has infiltrated their physical environment as well. This is evidenced by the attention to design detail they’ve put into their flagship office –– a 1905 building that the team recently refinished.

“There were all kinds of challenges as we did our renovation,” said Benton Paul, CEO of Big Door. “One challenge included taking out a stairwell that supported a significant portion of the upper floor. Another challenge was passing code with brick walls and wood floors made in 1905.”

The crew at Big Door was also careful to consider the customer experience when approaching their design. “We wanted our iPad receptionist ‘Pam’ to be the first thing people see when they walk in.” (TheiPad kiosk was named Pam after Pam Beesly from The Office.)

What else did Benton have to say about Big Door?

What’s next for your business?
We are pushing hard to be the go-to video production agency for mid-size startups needing clever explainer videos.

What’s one thing you guys are most excited about in your community right now?
The startup culture! Utah is becoming a tech hub and startup incubator. Some are calling it “Silicon Slopes”. We’re really excited to be a part of all the innovation and energy that is surrounding Salt Lake City.

Our mantra is “make it simple.” How do you keep it simple at Big Door?
Ah, great question. We have found there is much complexity behind the scenes of simplicity. It’s not easy achieving simple elegance, but you have managed to do so at Heckler.