Color in HD: Cool Botanicals

by Heckler Design

In the Phoenix summer heat, few things survive let alone provide a beautiful landscape for inspiration. But this quaint Arizona flower shop does just that with a desert color palette. The mixture of earthy minerals and sandy brown along with sparks of fiery orange create the foundation for a southwest theme we can appreciate. To balance this really natural set, we went with a cool gray white WindFall Box Set to provide appropriate contrast and a hint of starkness that gave the shop a noticeable pop.

The metal is balanced by the delicateness of the products around it: roses and peonies and subtle cacti, making for a good mix of the elements and ready to help this shop blossom.

Palette: Arizona Landscape


He Held My Hand – CBC2C5 Hex | 203, 194, 197 RGB

Granite Rock – 9EACC2 HEX | 158, 172, 194 RGB

Fake Pine – 4A5C2A HEX | 74, 92, 42 RGB

Wentworth Tan – A17C5A HEX | 161,124, 90 RGB

Kyo Orange – E57521 HEX | 229, 117, 33 RGB