How to bring your holiday party into the digital age

by Heckler Design

It’s official. The the snow-frosted garland has started to make its way into retail store displays and the gift guide lists are beginning to trickle into our email inboxes. Businesses are starting to finalize their office holiday parties, and chances are you are too.

Holiday parties have reached new echelons of entertainment, and whether you keep it at the office or rent out an arena, there are some creative, inventive ways to incorporate tech into the festivities to enhance the experience for everyone. From streamlining check-ins and displaying menus, to sharing memories and encouraging interactions, here are some ideas to bring your party into the digital age.

Nix check-in duty
With the help of tablet kiosks and stands, some clever companies have created digital receptionists to help ease the check-in burden. And now thanks to smart software, a digital check-in system can take care of everything from verifying identity to taking photos upon sign in, and even checking coats. And let’s face it, no one wants to be saddled with boring registration duty during the company party.

Phones down, conversation up
If your party is more of the dinner-style or mix-and-mingle variety, consider placing cues around the venue to encourage guests to put their phones down and actually engage in conversation. You might place phone coasters on tables and in gathering spots, and come up with some fun penalties for the first one to touch their phone (maybe they have to wear their ugliest holiday sweater to the next meeting).

New uses for big screens
If hosting a party at your office, why not set up gaming or music stations, or even loop a video or photo of the company’s year in review on the large screen. Now with flat panel TVs and easily moveable, sturdy TV stands, it’s possible to have a TV anywhere (provided there’s an outlet). Just Dance competition anyone?

What’s on the menu (or tap)?
For food stations, get creative with menus and drink lists by displaying the choices digitally via mounted tablet frames or stands. Say goodbye to the place cards that end up in the goat cheese or missing altogether. Keeping it digital also lets you update menu items on the fly.

Here’s to a fun (and digitally streamlined) holiday party.