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PivotTable for WindFall Stands

Mount a WindFall Stand anywhere. No drilling required.


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PivotTable melds the worlds of flexibility, functionality, and security. Utilizing a non-slip foam layer, PivotTable allows you to mount your Windfall to just about any surface. Pair it with a Kensington security cable, and your POS system is functional and secure.

Designed by

Dean Heckler, Founder & Lead Industrial Designer

“I’ve long had a passion for smart simplicity, and finding ways to use technology intelligently and beautifully. I want people to have strong reactions to my designs. I want to make products our customers can love for a lifetime.”

In The Box

  • PivotTable

  • PivotTable Assembly Tool

  • Kensington ClickSafe Anchor for PivotTable

  • Single-sided Adhesive Foam Disc

  • Double-sided Adhesive Disc

PivotTable for WindFall Assembly & Installation

Additional Information

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