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PivotTack for WindFall™

Secure installation and cable management for WindFall stands.

$9 Free Shipping (US Contiguous)

Meet PivotTack, the ultimate security accessory for your Windfall. Designed for more permanent installations in your home or business, this accessory requires a small hole to be drilled in your countertop or table. The result gives you a clean, secure, and functional mounting system. Let PivotTack’s groove guide your device’s charging cable through your countertop or table. Complete the accessory with a 1/4″ shank padlock beneath the surface, and your Windfall and power cable aren’t going anywhere without you knowing.

*Designed to work best with Apple Lightning Cables

In The Box

  • PivotTack

  • Cotter Pin

Compatible Devices

Compatible Card Readers


Overall Height 3.27 inches
Head Diameter 1.25 inches
Shank Length 3 inches
Shank Diameter 0.5 inches



Lock Specifications

Use with padlocks with a shank diameter of 0.25 inches or less

Additional Information

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